Optometry Marketing

By Tim Edwards OD

Optometry marketing is a very important part of any successful Optometric practice. Like any other subject that we took in Optometry school, this subject can be learned by attending optometry marketing education classes. Unfortunately, if your Optometric education was like mine, the training in this area was poor at best.  Of course we all have attended practice management courses for our CE where we all just touched the tip of the iceberg as far as truly learning about online marketing for Optometrists. This has been an area that is constantly changing and until now there has not been a great source that Optometrists could go to and learn how to effectively market their practice online.  That my friend has now changed.

IU Optometry School

Optometry School

My main goal on this website is to teach Optometry marketing and specifically teach Optometrists how to dominate their local market by way of the internet.  Marketing for Optometrists is a much easier subject to learn than EO or PO or Medical Microbiology, but still will take time to master.  I will be giving away quite a bit of free information on this site and also will be offering some advanced tracks for those OD’s interested in catapulting their online presence and growing their practice more rapidly.

Just as there are changes in clinical protocols for treating glaucoma, corneal ulcers and other eye diseases there are constant changes in the most effective ways to market your practice online.  A great example of this has been the change away from phone book advertising toward the use of the Internet for the primary method of reaching potential new patients.  If you are spending big bucks with the traditional “yellow pages” please call me as I have great deals to offer you on the proverbial ocean front property in Arizona.

Online Reputation

Optometry Online Reputation

One staggering statistic that I wish to share with you has to do with word of mouth referrals.  We all know that word of mouth referrals are the most effective method of getting new patients.  I built my million (plus) dollar a year practice almost exclusively by word of mouth referrals.  During that time, if you had a good practice with kind and friendly staff and you yourself were a competent and friendly person working in an up to date facility, a word of mouth referral was worth its weight in gold and was all that was necessary to build a great practice. Nowadays though, 70% of people will check your online reputation before making an appointment even if referred by a friend! ………. To me, that is a mind blowing statistic. So if you don’t know what your online reputation is, or you have no reputation online, your influx of new patients will be hindered.

Making Money

Making Money With Optometry Marketing


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